message du 19 oct 2020 de l’AIPB à la FIB pour le film de Caroline et Gilles

To the attention of the FIB’board
Dear Balint Colleagues,
Esti Rimmer, our representative at the last Council Meeting held on October 10 by videoconference, informed us of the letter sent by our colleague Caroline Dauchez and by Gilles Paté, authors of the documentary : "One person’s case becomes everyone’s case. Doctors assembled in Balint groups. ».
During this Council Meeting Esti Rimmer asked that the AIPB be consulted and give its opinion on the suggestion to put a link to this documentary on the IBF website. During our General Assembly of October 11th this topic was discussed, unfortunately in the absence of Caroline Dauchez.
The opinions expressed during this assembly on 11/10/20 , reiterate those expressed at a previous meeting of our Board in October 2019 in Rennes.
The authors of this film did not intend to make a teaching and or an explanatory documentary on the Balint method or the Balint psychodrama, but a film centered on the group and the conditions of free expression in a small group, allowing the viewers to immerse themselves within the group.
The AIPB committee, while recognizing the merits of this film, considers that the part of this film devoted to a group session, titled “Balint psychodrama", does not give an accurate picture of the Balint psychodrama method and of our requirements.
For this reason the Committee does not wish that a link to this film will be placed on the IBF website as it is likely to convey a confusing representation of the group work in Balint psychodrama.
Caroline Dauchez and her colleagues had the opportunity a few years ago , to film another Balint psychodrama session. The AIPB Committee would like to seek permission to use this document, to put it on our website, and once subtitled, to propose it for distribution to the IBF. Prior use of the film was not possible for reasons of confidentiality, which at present no longer apply .
A discussion has recently taken place with Caroline Dauchez on this subject, during which we regretted that she was not informed in time of the opinions already expressed in Rennes in 2019. We apologized to her for this.
We hope that our position will be understood and we are at the disposal of the IBF Board for further informatiion
Paris ,le 19 OCTOBRE 2020